C. Bayan Bruss




Neurips 2020 - Workshop on Fair AI in Finance

ICAIF 2020

KDD 2020 - Workshop on Machine Learning in Finance

ICML 2020 - Workshop on Human Interpretability in Machine Learning

ICML 2020 - Graph Representation Learning and Beyond Workshop

NeurIPS 2019 - Graph Representation Learning Workshop

ICMLA 2019

MLG 2019 - KDD Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs

GTC Conference 2019 - Scaling Graph Embeddings

CAMLIS 2019 - Applying Deep Graph Representation Learning to the Malware Graph

CAMLIS 2018 - Worm2Vec Emebedding Malicious Code

USENIX AI and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity 2018 - ML for Enterprise Email Security


Latent-CF: A Simple Baseline for Reverse Counterfactual Explanations

Quantifying Challenges in the Application of Graph Representation Learning

DLGNet-Task: An End-to-end Neural Network Framework for Modeling Multi-turn Multi-domain Task-Oriented Dialogue

Machine Learning for Temporal Data in Finance: Challenges and Opportunities

Navigating the Dynamics of Financial Embeddings over Time

On the Interpretability and Evaluation of Graph Representation Learning

DeepTrax: Embedding Graphs of Financial Transactions

Graph Embeddings at Scale

Towards Automated Machine Learning: Evaluation and Comparison of AutoML Approaches and Tools

Explaining National Trends in Terrestrial Water Storage

Critical Assessment of the Foundations of Power Transmission and Distribution Reliability Metrics and Standards: Foundations of Power Systems Reliability Standards

Culture and getting to yes : The linguistic signature of creative agreements in the United States and Egypt


Method and system for detecting drift in image streams

Method and system for detecting drift in text streams

Neural Embeddings of Transaction Data

Systems and methods of detecting email-based attacks through machine learning

System and methodology for assessing and predicting linguistic and non-linguistic events and for providing decision support


Book: Desert Songs of the Night: 1500 Years of Arabic Literature